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Joshua Carrick


Joshua is dedicated to martial arts on an unparalleled level.  He is extremely devoted to teaching karate-do and kickboxing.

By age 5, Joshua was already involved in martial arts, particularly in the form of Judo. By 17 he had achieved his first degree Black Belt (shodan) in Shotokan karate. While seeking to differentiate his training, he took on a different style of training, kickboxing. He began competing at an amateur level in 1995.  He acquired the silver medal in the Eastern Canadian Championships 1997 and during competition in the following year, took home the gold, thus qualifying him for the national championship held in Calgary, Alberta. At nationals he achieved Golden Glove Full Contact Fighting Champion.

Joshua later returned to his original love, karate. In August of 2006, he was able to turn his dream of opening a teaching facility into a reality. For Joshua, martial arts were a staple of his coming-of-age years and he wants to share that with all. “I feel like teaching is a way to give back to the arts,” he says.

Sensei Joshua Carrick
– Black Belt Kickboxing
– Golden Glove Full Contact Fighter
– Yondan 4th degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate
– Level 2 NCCP Coaching Certified
– Has been studying the martial arts since 1983
– Teaching martial arts since 1993
– Owner and operator of a martial arts school since 2006

Jennifer Carrick


Jennifer and her husband, Joshua, realized a common interest, a love for both teaching and the art of karate. Jennifer is also an instructor at TNT School of Martial Arts as well as a full-time teacher for the York Region District School Board. The Japan Karate Association, for having acquired her first degree Black Belt in Shotokan karate, recognizes her on an international level.

She earned an Honours Bachelor of English from York University and her Bachelor of Education from University of Toronto’s OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). Jennifer is constantly upgrading her skills, attending various workshops regularly and completing Additional Qualifications.

“She has a lot of passion for teaching, both of us do.” –Joshua Carrick

Sempai Jennifer Carrick
– Shodan 1st degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate recognized by NKA
– Shodan 1st degree Back Belt recognized by JKA
– Has been studying the martial arts since 1999
– Teaching martial arts since 2008
– Owner and operator of martial arts school since 2006