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Women’s Tnt Fit & Hit Kickboxing



This women’s only class is 13 yrs +. Get into great shape while learning real boxing kickboxing moves taught by professional martial arts instructors, you can get into great shape and all in one class! You may choose to do it for sport, fitness or recreational what ever you’re driving force is we’re here to help you reach your goals! Students learn a variety of basic boxing and kick boxing techniques, as well as heavy bag work and pad holding drills.

The TNT School of Martial Arts woman’s only recreational kickboxing is an aerobic martial art fitness program, which uses marital art and boxing technique as a basis upon which a focused cardio fitness workouts can be achieved set to upbeat music. During each 60 minute session taught by TNT School of Martial Arts, students are introduced to various marital art techniques, which involves no full contact sparring. Most exercises involve using the student’s own body weight for resistance; the uses of heavy bags, kicking shields and focus pads are a key in the program.

The woman’s only recreational kickboxing fitness program is safe for all levels of fitness, as each student is made aware of how important it is to work toward goals and the importance of the journey toward the goal. Each student is encouraged to work at their individual fitness level and to work toward individual fitness goals.

It must be stressed that the recreational kickboxing program is for fitness and fun.
(Does not incorporate full contact sparring).